Ventura V300 Day Cruiser

Ventura V300 Day Cruiser

V300 Crossover, a small cabin boat with a fusion of style, speed, and comfort

The Ventura V300 Day Cruiser boat is the epitome of luxury and performance on the water. With its sleek design and sporty elegance, this small cabin boat boat is sure to turn heads as you make your way across the waves. But the Ventura V300 is more than just a showpiece, it is a true performer. Equipped with twin outboards, this powerful boat can easily reach high speeds and handle choppy waters.

The spacious cabin of the Ventura V300 offers the ultimate comfort and luxury while cruising the open water. The ample seating and high-end finishes make it the perfect choice for entertaining friends and family, while the state-of-the-art navigation and entertainment systems provide all the amenities you need for an unforgettable day on the water.

The Ventura V300 also offers a wide range of customizable options, so you can tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a day cruiser to entertain guests, or a high-performance boat for a day of adventure, the Ventura V300 is a perfect choice.

With its stunning design, powerful performance, and versatile functionality, the Ventura V300 Day Cruiser boat is the ultimate choice for those who want the best of both worlds on the water. The perfect combination of sporty elegance and versatility, this boat is sure to exceed all your expectations.


A cabin boat with an expanded deck and lots of amenities!


Consider the Ventura V300 Day Cruiser if you want a boat with a cabin that can comfortably sleep up to 4 people. It is 30 ft long, including the swim platform and a roomy cabin with over 6’ headroom. You get everything that you need for a weekend trip with this boat. The galley on the V300 is as impressive as the cabin itself. This vessel includes a microwave, fridge, electric stove, wine cellar, and plenty of onboard storage. The Bluetooth stereo system makes it easy to turn this vessel into a party boat with the touch of a button. Few cabin boats of this size offer this much, such as cabin space, stereo systems, and appliances, at this value. Whatever your destination, reach it with ultimate comfort and confidence with the Ventura 300 Cabin. 

Another selling point of the Ventura V300 cabin cruiser is the cockpit which is roomy enough for multiple people. This feature is helpful when you have several passengers for a day trip, and they do not plan to sleep on the vessel. Relax and enjoy your ride in this boat’s thoughtfully designed cockpit and spacious cabin. Ventura 300 offers an extensive list of amenities polished with elegance, enabling you to experience an excursion you have never dreamed of. Enjoy and relax your ride in the V300 Day Cruiser of amenities! A cabin boat with an expanded deck and lots The four bunks on this boat provide more room for people to sleep than the average small boat with a cabin. It is essential if you have a large family or plan to depart on a trip with friends. The roomy cabin also includes a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower hard to find on an affordable vessel.

The V300 is a 30 ft boat considering the swimming platform and a 28 ft boat excluding the swimming platform.

Discovering the Comfort and Convenience
of Small Cabin Boats

Ventura V300 Small Cabin

A small cabin boat is a type of boat that is designed to accommodate a small group of people and provide basic living quarters on board. These boats typically range in size from around 20 to 30 feet in length and have a cabin or enclosed area where passengers can sleep, cook, and relax.

Small cabin boats are often used for weekend getaways, fishing trips, or as a floating vacation home. They are popular with people who enjoy spending time on the water but don’t need the space and amenities of a larger yacht.

The cabins on small cabin boats can vary in size and design, but typically include a small sleeping area, a galley or kitchenette, and a bathroom with a toilet and sink. Some models may also have a dinette or lounge area that can be converted into additional sleeping space.

Small cabin boats are usually powered by outboard or inboard engines, depending on the size and type of boat. They are generally easy to operate and can be trailered to different locations, making them a versatile option for boaters who like to explore different waterways.

Overall, small cabin boats are a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the comforts of home while spending time on the water. They provide a cozy and comfortable living space that can be enjoyed for short trips or longer excursions.

Overall benefits:

  • Platform opening on one side for a larger lounging area near the swimming area
  • Cabin available with two distinct sleeping areas for four people. In the bow, a dining table is convertible into a bed, while in the mid-aft area, there is a queen-sized bed. Ready to be equipped with air conditioning and a generator. 
  • The galley includes a microwave*, fridge*, electric stove*, wine cellar, and plenty of onboard storage. 
  • Cockpit which is roomy enough for multiple people with four different sets of seats. 
  • Head with over 6′ headroom, with a sink, toilet, and shower 
  • Ready to be equipped with air conditioning and a generator. 
  • One Side opening platform for a larger lounging area near the swimming platform

A high-performance cabin boat

If you’re looking for a versatile and efficient boat that can deliver superior performance, the Ventura V300 cabin boat is a perfect choice. Powered by a single 350 HP Volvo Penta V8 gasoline EVC engine, this boat is designed for families and individuals who want to have fun on the water.

With a sleek V-shaped hull and narrow bow, the Ventura V300 is exceptionally agile and smooth, even in sudden maneuvers. The acceleration test from zero to 20 knots, which is a reference for evaluating the time it takes to reach the gliding regime, was a breeze for the V300, clocking in at just 7.6 seconds. This speedy performance is even more impressive considering the boat’s size and the type of engine it uses. With a final speed of 37.9 knots, this boat is perfect for cruising with family and friends.

The V300 is a small cabin boat, with features that make it ideal for lakes, inland waters, and even coastal areas. Experienced captains will appreciate its ability to handle ocean conditions, and the shallow water tilt and swim platform make it easy to launch and retrieve. The hydraulic steering is neutral, so the boat won’t pull to one side when you’re docking, and there is no tendency for the stern to drag when reversing. 

In terms of fuel efficiency, the V300 consumes 13 gallons of gasoline per hour at a cruising speed of 23.5 knots. With a full tank of 71.3 gallons, you can cruise for up to 117 miles without worrying about refueling. Measuring 30 feet with the swim platform and 28 feet without, the Ventura V300 bowrider is a must-have for anyone who wants a boat that offers maximum versatility and superior performance. So why wait? Get ready to experience the ultimate boating adventure with the Ventura V300 bowrider high.

Ventura V400 HT Yacht engine

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