Ventura Boats at Rio Boat Show 2023

Ventura Boats at Rio Boat Show 2023

Ventura Boats Takes on the Rio Boat Show 2023 with an Impressive Display of Boats

The Rio Boat Show is the largest outdoor nautical event in Latin America, attracting enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world to showcase their latest and greatest products. Ventura Boats, one of the prominent participants at the event was the Minas Gerais shipyard, which brought its A-game to the show with two booths – one on land and another at the water bay.

The land exhibition featured a wide range of boats, including V260, V300 Crossover, V300 Day Cruiser, Pontoon boat V250, and ATV’s VENTURA M250, VENTURA 400, and VENTURA M550. On the water, visitors could experience the thrill of driving Ventura’s latest models, the V450 Premium, V400 Crossover, and V400 Day Cruiser, in a test drive.


One of Ventura’s novelties for the Rio Boat Show 2023 was the new layout of the V450 Fly, a 45-foot speedboat that boasts impressive features and performance capabilities. Here are some of the strengths of the Ventura V450 Premium Fly that impressed visitors at the event:

  1. Navigability The Ventura V450 Fly was designed with seaworthiness in mind, and it shows in its impressive performance on the water. The boat features two Volvo Penta IPS 650 engines, a highly advanced and reliable system that offers exceptional power and control. The joystick command feature allows for precise and easy maneuverability, even in tight spaces or tricky conditions.

  2. Square Size The transom of the Ventura V450 Fly is surprisingly spacious, with a sofa that rivals the size of 50-foot vessels. This makes it an ideal living area for socializing, relaxing, and enjoying the beauty of the ocean. The shipyard’s focus on this area is a testament to the preferences of Brazilian boat enthusiasts, who prioritize comfort and space when choosing a vessel.

  3. Beam Width Another innovation of the Ventura V450 Fly is its beam length, which measures up to 4.05 meters. This impressive width provides ample room for movement and activities, making the 45-foot model just as roomy as its 50-foot rivals. The boat also features two cabins, with the bow cabin serving as a suite, and the cabin amidships located close to the social bathroom.

The new layout of the Ventura V450 Fly, with its impressive navigability, square size, and mouth width, was a highlight of the event, demonstrating the shipyard’s commitment to innovation and excellence in boat design. 

Apart from the impressive display of boats from various shipyards and manufacturers, the Rio Boat Show 2023 offered visitors an opportunity to explore the nautical world and learn about the latest innovations and technologies in the industry. The event featured attractions such as the Boat Parade, which showcased the highlight boat of each exhibitor, as well as test drives and product displays.

The Marina da Glória provided a picturesque setting for the event, with a stunning view of the Cristo Redentor statue in the background. For nine days, visitors immersed themselves in the world of boating and enjoyed the paradisiacal scenery of the Marvelous City.

In conclusion, Ventura Experience’s participation in the Rio Boat Show 2023 was a resounding success, with the shipyard showcasing its latest and greatest boats to enthusiastic visitors. 

Ventura Boats

On the upbeat Saturday night, the boats from the main shipyards stole the spotlight in the “swimming pool” of Marina da Glória on the last day 6, during the Rio Boat Show Boat Parade. It resembled the champions’ night that samba schools hold every year at the end of Carnival week. It was an awe-inspiring performance. One after another, sailboats, speedboats, and yachts entered the fully illuminated “catwalk,” allowing the boats to shine even brighter and thrill the audience with their top-notch features.

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